Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ranni Mini Civil Station Construction in Progress

The construction work of the proposed Mini Civil Station in Ranni is in progress and in my recent visit to Ranni, there were some positive developments as far as the construction of the civil station was considered. It has been more than a decade since K M Mani had laid the foundation stone of the Mini Civil Station and the new developments have come has a great relief for those in Ranni.
After laying the foundation stone for the mini civil station in Ranni a decade ago, the government changed many times, but the foundation stone stood still without any further progress. I was in my school when the foundation stone was laid and ever since we were looking out for the construction of the so called mini civil station, which would help in bringing all the government offices in Ranni under one roof.
Hope that this government would bring out some fast development and complete the mini station project as soon as possible. Lets pray the politicians in Kerala does not start playing their game and make delay in the finishing of the project. The mini civil station would certainly change the face of Ranni, especially areas such as Thottamon and Vaikom.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Punalur Muvattupuzha Highway in Ranni Making Travel Difficult

The Punalur - Muvattupuzha State highway which pass through Ranni is facing serious problems a most of the areas of this highway are in a bad condition, making it much difficult to travel. The area of the Punalur - Muvattupuzha highway from Valiya Parambil padi to Ittiyappara have become almost difficult to travel on a vehicle as most part of it has developed huge pothholes. Same is the case with the section from Thottamon to Blockpady as most of the area have become unsuitable for travel.

People who travel through this area would dare to travel once again as such is the bad conditions of the roads in Ranni. A lot of vehicles gets damaged as a result of traveling through the bad roads in Ranni. The area from Ittiyappara Market to the Bypass is the most affected and a lot of accidents occurs as a result of the bad road conditions.

The reason for the bad state of road is the maintenance work done by the water authority as a part of placing their pipes by the side of the road. It has been a long time since the roads have been facing this situation and the PWD department has not done anything so far to repair the roads in Ranni.

The area from Perumbuzha to Ittiyappara was retared few months ago, but it has returned to its old state in a short span of time. People traveling on two wheelers face most of the dangers and a lot of accidents are reported on a daily basis. The Punalur - Muvattupuzha state highway is one of the major roads in Kerala and Ranni is also a booming town, but the bad situation of the roads always puts a black scar on Ranni's image.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ranni Gate - The First Luxury Hotel in Ranni

Ranni really lacked a quality hotel since a long time and most of the people in Ranni have to go to Pathanamthitta, Thiruvalla or Kottayam to find a standard hotels with all the modern facilities.  There are several lodges and hotels in Ranni which are there for a long time, but none of these came near an average standards.
But with the arrival of Ranni Gate Hotel, the people here have got a huge relief as they can avoid going to the other cities to get a standard hotel. Ranni Gate has announced its arrival with some of the best facilities and amenities which no other hotels in Ranni can offer. This hotel is a great relief for the people as it offers the traditional Kerala hospitality and that too with Global Standards.

Ranni Gate is infact a modern luxury hotel with an amazing architectural beauty and covers the basic facilities like cable TV, telecom lines etc. Ranni Gate acts as  a restaurant which have a separate coffee shop with a wide range of cuisines. Ranni Gate has a multi cuisine restaurant named as Cinnamon which serves delicious cuisines prepared by experience and well trained chefs. The Coffee Shop inside the Ranni Gate is known as Cardamon which is yet another major attraction of this luxury hotel in Ranni.

Apart form these Ranni Gate also offers top class facilities for Banquets and Meetings which is another major plus point of the hotel. Like any other top class hotels, the accommodation at Ranni Gate is superb and promises to provide on the best accommodation services in the district. This luxury hotel in Ranni is locate on the College Road and is hardly 1 km away from Ittiyappara town. The contact details for Ranni Gate is given below.

Ranni Gate,
College Road, Ittiyapara,
Ranni, Pathanamthitta,
Kerala, India - 689 673

04735-228511, 228522


rannygate@gmail.com, info@rannigate.com

Website - http://www.rannigate.com/

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Puthusserimala Residents Face Serious Travel Woes

Puthusserimala is a small village and lies between Ranni and Vadaserikkara. The road route to this place is one which cuts from the main Ranni - Vadaserikkara bus route and the road to Puthusserimala cuts before Edakulam and there are some bus which ply on these routes. Since a long time, the residents of Puthusserimala has been facing problems with the non availability of public transport through the route.

Even the few buses that are operating through route are not keeping proper time schedules and as a result a lot of employees, students and common people are suffering. The first bus comes to Puthusserimala at 8:30 AM and this is the bus from Ranni to Vadaserikkara. The first bus towards Ranni comes at 9 AM, which is a major worry for the majority of the students who study at Ranni. The bus at 9 AM towards Ranni is actually of no use for the students and the employees as they would not be able to reach their destinations on time.

The same is the case for the employees and the students when they come back from their offices and schools. There is not bus at the required time and as a result the common people are not able to reach their home on time. The last bus towards Puthusserimala is at 5.25 PM and after this one has to look for some other means of transport to get back home. Only two private bus and one KSRTC operates on this route, which tells the bad side of the story. A KSRTC that operates from Vadaserikkara via Puthusserimala towards Kottayam was started just before the recently conducted election, but its life span was too short.

When no buses are available in Puthusserimala one has to walk 3 km towards the Mandiram junction to catch the bus. However the authorities are planning to take this issue seriously and would be putting the matter infront of the Pathanamthitta RTO. Hope that the travel woes of Puthusserimala Residents are solved at the earliest.

Friday, July 1, 2011

St. Thomas College Strike - DYFI to Support SFI

In a move to oppose the banning of student politics in Ranni St. Thomas College, SFI has started their strike in full fledge. DYFI has also offered support to SFI in order to protest against the banning of Student politics in Ranni St. Thomas college. 5 SFI students were suspended by the college Principal for conducting strike on Thursday.

Reacting against the suspension of these 5 students SFI protested by locking the Principal inside his room. After informing the police they arrived on the spot and tried to have discussion with the SFI representatives, but in vain. The police had to remove the SFI members forcefully and they were taken to the police van. While taking them in the Police van, DYFI members grouped outside the college gate and warned the police of serious consequences if they dare to take the SFI members out of the gate.

Mean while strong strike began inside the college and the SFI members created havoc by destroying college properties. At the same time the DYFI members also didn't spare their time, as they were engaged in their favorite activity, which was pelting stone at the college. At the same time the police had to release the students that they took in their van.

The discussion continued with other prominent members and at last the college management were forced to withdraw the suspensions of the students. The major irony is that students those who have never even studied at that college were also involved in the protest. Police have took case against 25 students for destructing college properties.

Anti Social Activists Rules in Ranni Perumbuzha Town

Anti social activists have been creating serious issues in  Perumbuzha town and nearby places which is an important area of concern. Few days later bottles of soda nad water glasses were found lying broken infront of the panchayat shopping complex at Perumbuzha. Around 15 bottles of soda and liquor bottles were found broken infront of the Perumbuzha panchayat shopping complex in Ranni.

Since the broken pieces of the bottles are lying infront of the major shops and other business centers, it has become more woeful for the travelers to go through this side. Hearing the information the Panchayat President and other member rushed to the site and took initiative in removing the broken pieces of glasses from the spot with the help of Panchayat staffs.

During the evening time,  the Perumbuzha Pachayat shopping complex becomes a major hub for the ant social activist who engage in drinking and other anti social activities. The Ranni Police has not taken any serious step towards it even after being informed about the same many time. In the past there were some consistent police patrolling in these areas and at those time, the anti social activities were minimized to  a greater extend.

It is high time that the Ranni police take some serious action against such anti social elements, so that Ranni become more safe to live. It is not just the Perumbuzha Panchayat Shopping complex, but there are many other such areas in Ranni which has become a major center for anti social activists. The Police seems to be aware about this but I have not seen them taking any serious measures towards this.