Friday, August 19, 2011

Ranni Badly Needs a Good Movie Theatre

Ranni is home to some of the biggest cinema crazy fans and still it does not have a top quality movie theatre. Most of the people in Ranni have to depend on other cities such as Kottayam or Changanacherry, if they are to watch a good movie along with their family. As of now Ranni has two theatres named Upasana and Sree Lakshmi and both of them are not good to watch film with family or our beloved ones.

Some time back there was another theatre named "Darsana" near Thottamon Kavu Devi temple and now the theatre is replaced by a petrol pumb. But "Darsana" theatre was also a countryside theatre like Upasana and Sree Lakshmi (formerly Mahalakshmi) and one could not watch any new films over there. Most of the movies that came to Ranni were either 2-3 months old and by then most of us would have heard the story or watched it from theatres in other cities.

The Upasana Theater was recently revamped, but still it is nothing more than a mediocre countryside theatre. In Ranni there is a good number of Tamil people and the two theatres mostly show Tamil movies which prevented the locals from visiting the theatres. If a good high quality theatre comes in Ranni it would be a great help for the locals who wish to watch quality movies with their family. It would also be a great success, as most of the youngsters in Ranni rushes to Pathanamathitta, Kottayam or Changanacherry to watch good and new films.