Friday, April 20, 2012

Interview with Mr.Raju K Thomas, Managing Director - WimRock Granite

This is an interesting interview with the Mr Raju K Thomas, who is the Managing Director of WimRock Granite in Ranni. The interview throws light on how this amazing businessman tasted success in his venture and the challenges that he had to face in embracing the amazing success. Here Mr Praveen Thomas is in charge of the interview and hope you enjoy it....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Fully Functional KSRTC Bus Station Remains a Dream for Ranni

Ranni is one of the major town in Pathanamthitta district and is one of the major gateway towards many districts and towns such as Kottayam, Erumely, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, High range areas etc. So buses from various places comes to Ranni or atleast passes through the town of Ranni on a regular basis. Ranni has two private bus stands, the major one in Ittiyappara  and the other one in Perumpuzha.  Both these bus stands witnesses bus services to other major towns and cities surrounding Ranni and the people in Ranni has been benefiting a lot from it.

Even having two private bus stands in Ranni, the dream of having a full fledged KSRT bus stand in Ranni still remains a dream in the mind of people living in Ranni. The efforts for getting sanction for a KSRTC bus stand in Ranni was started long time ago, but still it has not been fully achieved. Ranni has managed only to get a half functioning KSRTC depo without having space of its own and operates in the small space behind Ittiyappara bus stand. Huge political games in the past and present are ruining the chances of Ranni getting its own space for having a fully operational KSRTC bus station.

Most of the major towns and cities near Ranni are having their own KSRTC bus station, which makes the matter worse and takes the issue to the level of self-pride and esteem. If a KSRTC bus station is operational, then it would really reduce the travel woes of Ranni to a great extend as people in Ranni are over dependent on private buses for their transportation activities. There are several lands spaces available in Ranni which are suitable for building a KSRTC bus station, but the authorities do not bother about buying lands that are suitable for a KSRTC bus stand.

The current temporary KSRTC depo is not at all capable of fulfilling the needs of the people in Ranni as only few buses are operating from this make shift depo. So if a fully operation KSRTC bus station is present in Ranni, it would be of huge benefit for the people as well as the economic development of Ranni. Hope that Ranni soon gets a KSRTC bus station of its own in the coming years.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Real Estate Prices in Ranni Soaring High

Ranni seems to be one of the best places to live in Pathanamthitta District, and this is quite evident from the rising property rates in Ranni. Different areas in Ranni have different property rates, but are much high when compared with other places. Places such as Ittiyappara, Ranni Town (Perumpuzha), Thottamon, Block Pady, Chettomkara, Mamukku, Petta, Aythala etc all are eperiencing huge property prices. All these places are considered to be the best places to live in Ranni and that may be the reason behind the high property rates.

Most of the people in Ranni are working abroad, and majority of the NRIs invest in land and buildings and they have invested a good part of their wealth in properties in various parts of Ranni. The huge investment of NRIs in Ranni has a major role to play in the surging property rates in Ranni and this is certainly going to go higher in the coming months. Even the areas with sliding lands are also experiencing huge price in the market.

Ranni is mostly comprised of hilly areas and still people prefer to invest their money in buying land or house in Ranni. Ranni is considered to be a calm and beutiful place and this is another major reason that a lot of people are trying to buy land or houses in Ranni. But Ranni still has a long way to go, before it can match its nearby towns such as Pathanamthitta and Thiruvalla. Ranni is yet to have a top class hospital, movie hall, restaurant, shopping centres etc. But we cannot predict the future and all the previously said facilities may come to Ranni in the coming years,  provided Ranni gets a good political and social leader who can guide Ranni to a developed state. As of now this seems to remain a distant dream.