Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ranni KSRTC Bus Stand in a Mess

The arrival of monsoon in Ranni has really brought a mess out of the KSRTC bus stand as it is filled with mud and water. As of now the KSRTC bus parks inside the private bus stand in Ittiyappara, Ranni. The way towards the KSRTC bus stand in Ranni is also filled with waste materials which make it difficult to go through.
Due to heavy rain, the KSRTC bus stand has become a mess as it got filled with muddy water and it was impossible for the travelers to walk through it. Due to this situation the KSRTC bus had no option but to park inside the private bus stand in Ranni.

The waste deposits is another major reason for concern, as the way towards the KSRTC bus stand is filled with waste which has been dumped by people and shop owners nearby. Earlier there was a place near the bus stand to dump the waste, but of late people has started dumping waste even into the road leading to KSRTC bus stand.

Scarcity of Doctors in Ranni Taluk Hospitals

Ranni Taluk hospital is facing a real scarcity of doctors and this is despite the increasing number of patients coming to this hospital. The minister level discussion had agreed to provide 6 doctors to the Taluk hospital in Ranni, but the decisions still remains in the papers and has not been implemented so far . Few days back the Health Department Directorate had  issued a circular regarding the appointment of two doctors, but the doctors are yet to join.

It was Minister V S Shivakumar  who promised to provide 6 doctors to Ranni Taluk hospital in the month of June itself. The hospitals management had got information regarding the appointment of two assistant surgeons who are yet to join. Few months back there was  an order to appoint one anesthetist and an eye specialist and even these two has not yet arrived at the hospital.

The Ranni Taluk Hospital is really facing serious scarcity of doctors and has even closed down its  emergency department.