Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heli Tourism Kicks off in Ranni - Perunadu

The Heli Tourism Service in Ranni - Perunadu, which is aimed at viewing and enjoying the aerial beauty of the forest in this region has been inaugurated. Delhi based Chipsan Aviation has started the heli tourism services in Perunadu Mambara Kuttikkad. The inauguration of the heli tourism service was done by Minister Shibu Baby John by taking the first trip in the helicopter.

The heli tourism in Ranni also focusses on preserving the forest and at the same time encouraging tourism at this area. An 8 minute helicopter ride was offered to the people as an introductory offer and a good number of people made use of this offer.  Chipsan Aviation along with Biju Kuttikayam has started the heli tourism service in Ranni and this is mainly aimed at the Sabarimla pilgrims and tourists. The heli tourism service is the first of its kind in Kerala and hence the service will receive a lot of interested people.

The charge for taking a ride from Kochi to Sabarimala on helicopter is RS 30,000 per head and five people at a time can take the ride. If anyone needs to fly alone, then he can pay 1.5 lakhs and take the trip from Kochi to Sabarimala in the helicopter. All the major districts in Kerala will soon be included in the heli tourism service and the process has started for the same.

The heli tourism service in Ranni Perunadu will surely improve the image of this place in the tourism map, and it is for sure that a lot of people will be utilizing this unique tourism facility to enjoy the serene beauty of the forests in Ranni area. This will truly be an amazing and memorable experience from a traveler’s point of view.