Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ittiyappara Bus Stand Struggling with Uncontrolled Waste Deposits

Unscientific ways of waste management has brought the Ittiyappara bus stand in Ranni look like a waste deposit center. The side of the bus stand is filled with wastes that are dumped by shop owners and other people. The waste deposit really gives a heart breaking sight for everyone present at the bus station. The growing number of shops around the private bus stand is another reason behind the growing waste accumulation. At the same time, the authorities are doing little to tackle the issue from their side.

The smell from the waste is something that is hard to bear and people are forced to walk with their nose covered with hands. This is the peak summer period in Kerala and such an issue might result in the development of various diseases and health issues. Those waiting for the bus find it highly suffocating as they are exposed to the foul smell from the waste and garbage.

It seems that the authorities must make sure that there is a system to collect the wastes and garbage from the town and dispose them somewhere else, where it creates less harm to human beings. They can also think of creating a small waste management unit so that the wastes and garbage are properly disposed off. Ranni is one of the most strategic locations on the way to the eastern high lands and such a bad state of the bus stations will tamper the overall image of this place.

Buses from different parts of Kerala arrive at Ittiyappara bus station daily and the sight of the waste and garbage will create a negative impact for Ranni. It is high time that these wastes are removed from here as the schools will open in few weeks and children will also be more subjected to the diseases spread from the garbage.

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