Monday, April 3, 2017

Ranni Town Now Totally Alcohol Free

Ranni town has earned a rare distinction of being a alcohol free town after the recent notification by the Supreme courts to shut down all the liquor shops and bars within 500 meters of national or state highways. This decision by the supreme court has forced the liquor and beer serving centers in Ranni, making it difficult for the locals to get access to alcohol. The two wine and beer parlours in Ranni, Hotel Yuvarani and Hotel Ranni gate got closed on behalf of the recent supreme court order.

Earlier the foreign liquor shop in Ranni town was shifted to Snehapuram, which is another residential area and due to the constant protest by the local residents the liquor shop got closed after an individual got a stay order from the court. Now, the nearest place where the people in Ranni can get alcohol is from Mundakkayam or Chittar. The liquor shop in Chittar was shifted to Nedumon and after the supreme court order, there was a huge and lengthy queue that blocked the small road in Chittar.

The people in Ranni fear about the rise of the use of Cannabis which is available aplenty through various rackets. When it becomes difficult to get foreign liquor, people might resort the to over usage of cannabis which will cause another social issues that can even damage an entire generation.

For the time being the town of Ranni can remain alcohol free and this situation might also prompt a good number of people to give up the consumption of alcohol. The decision by the Supreme court will have both it positive as well as negative implications. 

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