Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ranni Avittam Boat Race 2017 - Video

Ranni Avittam jalolsavam or boat race is one of the most popular sporting activities in Ranni and is held during the time of Onam. The Ranni boat race falls on the day of avittam and boats and participants from different places takes part in this event. This is one of the most prestigious event that is being held in Ranni, Pathanamthitta and has been there for long years. The Ranni Avittam boat race is held in the Pampa river near the Ranni bridge and this gives a view of the event from different directions for the spectactors.

The Ranni boat race in 2017 was held at between the areas between the Delta kadavu in Mundappuzha and the Angadi boat jetty. The event was inaugurated at around 1:30 pm.

Here is a video that provides the glimpse of the famous Ranni Avittom boat race that was held in 2017. Hope you enjoy it.

Accident at Ranni Bridge Today

An accident occurred at the Ranni Bridge in Pathanamthitta today 1:30 PM. More details of the accident are awaited and the vehicle number is KL 62 - 7725. The name of the owner as per the RTO records is Thomas P C and the car was taken from Indus Motor Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Heavy Wind and Rain Creates Havoc in Mothiravayal, Ranni

Heavy rain and wind have created havoc in most parts of Kerala and it also had its impact in Ranni. A lot of trees were uprooted and other issues were caused due to heavy rain and storm. In mothiravayal a tree fell on to an 11 KV line and luckily no harm was caused to anyone due to this.  In the coming days, people are warned to stay safe as the heavy wind and rain is expected there to be for a couple of days.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Heavy Water logging in Ranni

Heavy Water logging at Mamukku and Perumpuzha 


Monday, April 3, 2017

Ranni Town Now Totally Alcohol Free

Ranni town has earned a rare distinction of being a alcohol free town after the recent notification by the Supreme courts to shut down all the liquor shops and bars within 500 meters of national or state highways. This decision by the supreme court has forced the liquor and beer serving centers in Ranni, making it difficult for the locals to get access to alcohol. The two wine and beer parlours in Ranni, Hotel Yuvarani and Hotel Ranni gate got closed on behalf of the recent supreme court order.

Earlier the foreign liquor shop in Ranni town was shifted to Snehapuram, which is another residential area and due to the constant protest by the local residents the liquor shop got closed after an individual got a stay order from the court. Now, the nearest place where the people in Ranni can get alcohol is from Mundakkayam or Chittar. The liquor shop in Chittar was shifted to Nedumon and after the supreme court order, there was a huge and lengthy queue that blocked the small road in Chittar.

The people in Ranni fear about the rise of the use of Cannabis which is available aplenty through various rackets. When it becomes difficult to get foreign liquor, people might resort the to over usage of cannabis which will cause another social issues that can even damage an entire generation.

For the time being the town of Ranni can remain alcohol free and this situation might also prompt a good number of people to give up the consumption of alcohol. The decision by the Supreme court will have both it positive as well as negative implications. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Ranni Election Fever Reaches its Peak

The Kerala Legislative Assembly for 2016 has brought the small town of Ranni to a busy mode as the candidates of different political parties in Ranni are boosting their campaigns to get ahead in the election campaigns. The candidates of the three major parties such as Raju Abraham (CPI-M), Mariyamma Cheriyan (Congress) and K Padmakumar (NDA - BJP) are busy with their campaigns and are trying their best to bring the election results in their favor.

Most of the villages and towns in and around Ranni are busy with their election campaigns and this time, the people expects a close contest where the candidates are finding it hard to stamp their authority. The elections is scheduled on 16th of May 2016 and after that there will be a couple of days which will be marked for the anxious wait by the supporters of respective parties in Ranni.

Here are some of the pictures of the elections campaigns in Ranni, conducted by UDF, LDF and NDA respectively in Ranni.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fire Catches on Samson Agencies Crackers Shop in Mamukku, Ranni

In another major incident in Ranni yesterday, the renowned crackers and armoury agent in Ranni suffered a major setback as fire set on its shop in Mamukku Ranni. Samson Agencies Cracker shop in Mammukku is one of the most reputed sellers of crackers and armoury in Ranni and was deeply trouble by the unexpected fire that caught the shop and employees in dire straits. The incident occurred at around 5 PM and all the people nearby were really confused and stressed at the sight of the fire gaining momentum.

Two of the shop employees jumped from the shop as the fire escalated and they were able to save themselves with some minor burns. The fire was about to invade another room which was filled with crackers and by that time the fire force came to the scene and were able to control the fire and prevent it from creating further destruction. The shop was just 100 meters from Mamukku Petrol pump and a great potential disaster was prevented by the timely controlling of the fire.

Shop employees Roy Varghese and Murugan were saved with minor burns and they jumped through the broken glass windows. People and nearby shop owners were notified by the continuous sounds of crackers being blown up at Samson shop. The fire first broke out from the room where guns and other armouries were being repaired. People were terrified and never dare to come near the shop. They only came near the shop once the fire was in control by the continuous effort of the fire force employees.

As per the owner Samson Thomas, there were not too much crackers inside the room which caught fire and this has avoided a huge disaster. Ultimately the fire was in control and it is not sure how much damage the fire has really caused and it will take a couple of days when the owner can finally come up with the exact amount of loss caused by the unexpected fire at the crackers shop in Ranni.