Thursday, July 19, 2018

Flood in Ranni - River Pamba Overflows in Athikkayam [Pictures]

The heavy monsoon rain in Kerala flooded the Pamba river and Athikkayam also had its share of miseries due to this. The river Pamba flowing through Athikkayam in Ranni also overflowed and there were floods in Athikkayam area too.

Here are some pics of the river Pamba overflowing in Athikkayam, which was shared in one of the Facebook groups.

Heavy Rain - Pamba River Overflows in Vadasserikkara, Ranni [Pictures]

The heavy monsoon rain has flooded the river Pamba and it had its effects in Vadasserikkara also.  There were heavy flood in Vadasserikkara, Ranni, as the river Pamba overflowed and the nearby places went under flood water.

Here are some pictures of the flood in Vadasserikkara that was shared through Facebook.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Ranni Under the Grip of Monsoon Rains

Heavy rains for the past one week has started showing it results in Ranni in the form of flood. The river Pamba has overflown and all the small tributaries has also overflown, resulting in flood. Here are some of the pictures gathered from various social media channels related to the flood in Ranni.

St. Mary's School, Ranni

Mandiram Junction, Ranni

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Garbage Waste Being Dumped at Aythala Road

Amid the rising number of monsoon related diseases, the people in Ittiyapara are having a closed eyes towards the issue. Ranni is a place which has remained almost clean and there were no serious reporting of garbage dumbing in public places. 

But now garbage wastes have been dumped in the Ranni-Aythala road, infront of C V Mathew's shop. People suspect different shop owners to have dumped the waste in public areas and this has made life difficult for those who commute through this place.

It is high time that authorities in Ranni take strict actions again such activities and as of now the authorities seems to be in a sleeping mode. They might wake up when some kind of epidemics breaks out and things are out of hand. Hope that they wake up at the right time and prevent such issues by creating a sense of awareness among the public.

Proper awareness and classes can help the common people stay back from throwing and dumping wastes in public places of Ranni.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Pathetic State of Ittiyappara Bus Stand in Ranni

The monsoon has arrived and so does the pathetic conditions of the roads in Ranni. This time we need to point out the road in Ittiyappara bus stand which really looks like a paddy field and has made life difficult for the commuters. The ruling authorities should take this issue into their responsibilities and the people are fed up of such situations that they are facing since 2 decades.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

One Way Rule Being Violated in Ranni

The one way rule for the traffic in Ranni is being consistently violated and this is causing serious traffic blocks in Ranni town. The traffic police have once again proved ineffective in tackling the issue and vehicle drivers are taking it for granted. The traffic woe will continue in Ranni if the violation of traffic rules are not taken seriously. Below is a picture of the vehicles violating the one way rule in Ranni town.

Heavy Rain and Wind at Mothiravayal, Ranni

Heavy rain and wind has caused several damages to properties around Ranni last day. A lot of trees were uprooted and made life miserable for those living in Ranni. Below are some snaps that I got from Whatsapp,where we can see a tree uprooted onto the roof of a house in Ranni. The incident took place at Mothiravayal in Ranni. People need to stay safe and take precautions to avoid such incidents in the coming months.