Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tiger Spotted at Residential Places Near Vadasserikkara, Ranni

A rumor has spread regarding the spotting of a Tiger in a residential area near Vadasserikkara in Ranni. The tiger was spotted on Monday at an isolated estate in Vavolikandom  Kalashakkuzhy colony near Kumblathamon and the time was around 11:00 PM. A local person named Suresh spotted the tiger at the estate while he was walking through the nearby road and he saw the tiger at a distance of around 10 meters.

Suresh got frightened after spotting the tiger and shouted for help while the tiger disappeared to a nearby cemetery. By this time people gathered at the spot and informed Vadasserikkar Forest office and also Malayalappuzha police station. The estate was filled with tall shrubs and plants and searching the tiger at night became difficult. The search attempt was made but was not able to find the tiger.

Forces from Vadasserikkara and Thannithode forest offices and members from Ranni RRT also made it to the spot and searched for the tiger. But they were not able to find any trails of the tiger. Two months ago, a tiger was spotted over here and the forest department also confirmed the spotting of the tiger. Since this place has a lot of domestic animals such as goats and dogs, the tiger is expected to be there and an attack at any time is highly anticipated.

The officials have warned the residents to be alert and also to avoid wandering out during the night. The local residents are now living in fear after this news and they have decided to install a tiger trap if they once again spots the tiger in this area. People also have expressed their dissent over the negligence of the police department as they did not reach the place even after informing.

Friday, February 2, 2018

‘Anchappam’ - The Restaurant in Ranni That Serves Free-food to the Hungry

The people in Ranni will not have to starve from now onwards if they do not have the required money to buy food. "Anchappam", a restaurant that has opened its outlet in Ranni on, serves free food to all its customers.

Anchappam is a food chain based in Kozhenchery and is the brainchild of Fr Boby Kattikkad. There is a team of 15 people who have come forward to execute the idea to feed the hungry for free.

Anybody can easily make their way into the hotel without worrying too much about the bill or the GST.  Anchappam hotel chain has received wide attention with the free food idea and the way they treat their customers.

This does not mean that everyone need not pay the bill for the food they have. People who have money can pay for their food and Rs 25 is fixed on meals for those who are ready to pay.

Anchappam promotes the concept that the right to food is a fundamental right of every citizen. Tea is available from 3.00 pm onwards and Lemon tea and steamed snacks are the major attractions over here. For those interested in reading, there is a reading space is that has been arranged.

Apart from being a hotel, Anchappam is engaged in other activities such as counselling service and assistance to students who face difficulty to learn. A community of different teachers has formed a group and assist students through counselling. Counselling service will be provided to the students every Saturday.

Anjappam has a chain of economical restaurants that are currently located within Pathanamthitta and plans to expand further in the future.

Kulakkattuvelil Building,
Opposite Bigland Towers, Pazhavangadi,
Ranni, Kerala

School Bus Meets with an Accident in Keekozhoor, Ranni

A school bus has just met with an accident near Keekozhoor in Ranni which was running with school children inside it. The nursery school bus was travelling near Chakkappalam when the vehicle suddenly lost its break and the driver was unable to control the bus. As a result, the nursery school bus hit a small post and was rolled down.

The injured children were rushed to Ranni Taluk hospitals in a timely manner. None of the children admitted at Ranni Taluk hospital are serious and they escaped with minor injuries.

The school bus was owned by Mount Tabor English Medium School Vayalathala and as per the latest news,  8 children have been injured and admitted to Ranni Taluk hospital.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Vadasserikkara - Chittar - Angamoozhy Road Being Ruined Due to Government's Lazy Attitude

The road connecting Vadasserikkara, Chittar and Angamoozhy is one of the major roads in Ranni area and was in a good shape till some time back. Recently the road is about to be ruined as the road is being under various threats from different departments. The road is being dug in many areas on behalf of solving the drinking water issue and there has been a lack of cordination between the PWD and the water authority regarding the same.

The PWD had made the road in a better shape some time back and now the water authority is racing to destroy it due to its lack of planning in solving the drinking water issue. A lot of  areas of the roads is being cut from one end to another to connect the water pipes and this will indeed help in the deterioration of the road. A lot of protest has arised from the common people as such activities are indeed wasting the taxe amount they have paid to the Government.

But since the water scarcity is on a high the common people are not in a position to respond intensively as they too need the water. The water authority is facing a lot of criticism as they have failed to provide a solution for this and even the staff associated with them are reluctant in solving such issues.

Here are some of the pictures of the digging work going on the Vadasserikkara - Chittar - Angamoozhy Road recently.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ranni Avittam Boat Race 2017 - Video

Ranni Avittam jalolsavam or boat race is one of the most popular sporting activities in Ranni and is held during the time of Onam. The Ranni boat race falls on the day of avittam and boats and participants from different places takes part in this event. This is one of the most prestigious event that is being held in Ranni, Pathanamthitta and has been there for long years. The Ranni Avittam boat race is held in the Pampa river near the Ranni bridge and this gives a view of the event from different directions for the spectactors.

The Ranni boat race in 2017 was held at between the areas between the Delta kadavu in Mundappuzha and the Angadi boat jetty. The event was inaugurated at around 1:30 pm.

Here is a video that provides the glimpse of the famous Ranni Avittom boat race that was held in 2017. Hope you enjoy it.

Accident at Ranni Bridge Today

An accident occurred at the Ranni Bridge in Pathanamthitta today 1:30 PM. More details of the accident are awaited and the vehicle number is KL 62 - 7725. The name of the owner as per the RTO records is Thomas P C and the car was taken from Indus Motor Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Heavy Wind and Rain Creates Havoc in Mothiravayal, Ranni

Heavy rain and wind have created havoc in most parts of Kerala and it also had its impact in Ranni. A lot of trees were uprooted and other issues were caused due to heavy rain and storm. In mothiravayal a tree fell on to an 11 KV line and luckily no harm was caused to anyone due to this.  In the coming days, people are warned to stay safe as the heavy wind and rain is expected there to be for a couple of days.