Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minister Ganesh Kumar Helps in Stopping Disrupted Power Supply in Ranni Town

Minister K B Ganesh Kumar seems to have helped Ranni in solving the issue of disrupted power supply in Ranni Town, especially in Ittiyappara. Ranni town and nearby places have been facing disrupted power supply for a long time which was a really issue. Complaints were lodged by the locals, but they were of no use as the power supply still continued to play hide and seek.

Few days back Minister Ganesh Kumar happened to pass by Ranni and during his short stay at Ranni, the locals complained about this foul play by the electricity board. Hearing the complaints, Minister rushed towards the KSEB North Section office in Ranni but the office was found closed. Ganesh Kumar assured the locals that he would present this issue to the Minister who is taking care of Electricity and similar departments.

Ganesh Kumar must have presented the complaint to the Electricity minister as there was no power disruption in Ranni town on Monday. Lets wait and see how long this state would prevail.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chettimukku - Nellickamon Road in a Bad Condition

The Chettimukku - Nellickamon road in Ranni is in a bad condition and has made it really difficult to travel across. The irony is that the road was re-tarred a few days back and the recent heavy rains have made the condition of the road to its initial state. Rain water from the nearby places rushed to this road and this has caused severe damage to the road. Locals have also complained that the tarring was done under the rain without proper planning and this has been the main cause of the damage.

The locals have also complained that every time the road used to be retarred during the rainy season. Regular maintenance are done on the road, but still the road retains its old state within few days. There is also lack of proper drainage system which is the root cause of the road destruction. During the rainy season the water from the nearby houses rush strongly towards the road, leaving the road in a bad condition.

The locals hope to find a permanent solution to this as this is one of the main route in that area

Continous Rains Brings Fear in Ranni

The heavy and continous rain for the last 7 days have brought fear of flood among the Rannites. The river Pamba is all set to over flow and if the rain continues in this manner, then we can expect a huge flood across ranni and neighbouring places. Ranni has not experienced huge flood for the last decade and the last time I experienced a huge flood in Ranni was around 12 years back. It was at that time when the old Ranni bridge collapsed into the River pamba and we had to rely on the boat services to go to Ittiyappara area and come back.

Even though there is a threat of flood in Ranni, the another positive aspect is that this is best time to go fishing. A lot of fishes comes onto to the paddy fields from the rivers and a lot of people would be there hoping to catch these fishes. In my younger days, I used to do the same with our friends and usually we went to the paddy fields in Thottamon area, where we used to get some good quantity of fish.

But the flood may disturb the lives of many people and it may also bring a great loss in terms of money as most of the shops in Ittiyappara would be under water. Lets hope that the rain stops it pace and the beautiful place does not get affected by flood.

Ranni - The Queen of Hills

Ranni is one of the beautiful place in Pathanamthitta district and is officially known as "The Queen of the Hills". The famous Hindu pilgrimage center Sabarimala comes under Ranni Taluk and the famous river Pamba flows through Ranni. Ranni is well known for its scenic beauty such as hills, padddy fields etc. The main agriculture in Ranni come from the rubber plantations and other traditional agricultural activities are also followed. More information and updates on Ranni would be posted here on a regular basis.